Skye View Heights Premium living in Endicott, NY

Is retirement living turning out to be more work than it should be? Skye View Heights, a new development in the village of Endicott, New York, is a premium rental opportunity for people 55 and older who live active lives. Skye View Heights offers ease, freedom and community, three things that will help you make the most of your retirement & senior living years.

The ease of living in a place built with your needs in mind is essential to happy retirement. Skye View Heights offers its senior living community members a chance to leave behind the hassles of home ownership, so they can instead pursue hobbies and interests that often get pushed aside. By leaving behind the stresses of mortgages, property taxes, school taxes and maintenance costs, retirement community members can live an easier life by renting a new senior living unit in an environment filled with like-minded people who want to lead independent and active lives. The facility handles lawn care, home maintenance and shoveling, so residents can instead spend time with loved ones in the privacy of their own homes.

Each of Skye View Heights' units come equipped with everything you need to feel at home in your senior years. You will be able to enjoy the summer months from your personal courtyard, patio or terrace. Sleep soundly in your master bedroom and start your day in the master bath fitted with dual vanities. An indoor attached garage offers an escape from the elements for you and your vehicle. If you are worried about having the family over for Sunday dinner, the all stainless steel kitchen appliances are sure to come in handy. For your guests that stay longer, a guest bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is sure to provide the best comfort for your loved ones. An extra touch of easy living is provided by a washer and dryer. As an added element of comfort, all closets are walk-in, and both bathrooms have walk-in showers.

When you choose Skye View Heights, you are choosing comfort and convenience for your Retirement Years

When you choose Skye View Heights, you are choosing comfort and convenience for your Retirement Years

The 55 and over units at Skye View Heights are adapted to fit the needs of retired, active adults. All units are built with the idea that one size does not fit all. Each unit has a single level floor plan to provide ease of movement to all guests. Doorways are a little wider, knobs and faucets are a lever-style to promote ease of access and both bathrooms have ample walk-in shower space as well as benches. At Skye View Heights, we understand that when it comes to convenience and ease, it's the little things that make the biggest difference- especially when entering your retirement living years.

The freedom that becomes available by choosing to rent at Skye View Heights is crucial to finding the things you really want to do with your retirement. Skye View Heights is located in the village of Endicott, which offers a variety of activities for all ages. Within a ten minute radius, shops and stores to fill all needs, and wants, can be found. The local high school is located nearby making it possible to attend sporting events throughout the year. A golf course offers the opportunity to practice your backswing, or start a new sport. Living in a senior home without the added hassles is key to having the time and energy to do the things you want to do. The freedom offered by renting at Skye View Heights paired with a location like Endicott is invaluable to creating the type of retirement you want.

Finding new hobbies and interests is more enjoyable when you have others to do it with. Adults who choose Skye View Heights as their home are senior adults who are looking for the last step to becoming happy retirees. A community that works to support each member within it is a community that thrives. The reason Skye View Heights is different from other senior communities is that residents here share a common goal: to live their retirement years to the fullest. Skye View Heights is a place where people who share this goal can live in an environment that allows them to be themselves, and live their retirement years in the best way possible.

Enjoy your life and let us do the rest

Skye View Heights can be your new home. It can be a home that offers more than a place to live, it can provide convenience, ease, freedom and community to all its clients. New units are being built and are ready to reserve now. If you are retired, or thinking about retiring, make the choice to join the community at Skye View Heights, and start the best years of your life.